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OCLCOM was founded in May 2008 with a goal of contributing to increasing the joy of "sending" through the use of internet technology.

Company Profile

Company OCLCOM Inc.
Office Address TOC 2nd Build. 9F 1-17-1 Shibuya Shibuya-Ku Tokyo, Japan

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TEL 050-5806-7855
FAX 050-3730-3906
Email info(at)oriraba.com
Executive officers Shotaro Hiramatsu (President)
Toshihiro Karakane (Vice President)
Established May 9th, 2008
Media Exposure The Nikkei
The Nikkei Business Daily
The Daily Yomiuri
The Asahi Shimbun
Venture Now
The Nikkei MJ
*Other histories of media exposure can be found at here. (Only in Japanese)

Privacy Policy

We acknowledge the societal and lawful responsibility to respect and protect all personal information provided by our users. In order to ensure our obedience in protecting personal information, we have built a compliance program to embody the policies that are shown below. It is our duty as a corporation to continue to strive for the highest achievement in IT practice, to progress with the changing society, and to comply with the reforms of management environment.

1. OCLCOM Inc. only collects personal information about individuals when the individual is aware of its specific purpose and knowingly provides such information.

2. The risk of illegal and dishonest access to, loss of, destruction of, falsification of, or disclosing personal information is prevented by our safety measures (as we see fit for our current management system).

3. OCLCOM Inc. observes and follows all rights and laws concerning personal information protection.

4. OCLCOM Inc. is prepared at all times to review our compliance program when environmental/situational changes occur that concern our administration or user’s personal information rights. OCLCOM Inc. executive members and employees have been notified of these policies. OCLCOM Inc. will continue to enrich and enlighten executive members and employees of issues concerning the protection of personal information in order to sublimate these rights.


Please use this form or contact us via Email: info(at)oriraba.com.

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