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Auto Quote

Coasters, key chains and phone charms can be ordered from 10 pcs. Please input order data in following auto quotation form, and estimated amount will be shown automatically.

Auto Quotation form

Ordering Pcs PCS
Number of colors
Silk screen print on backside
Pre-production sample

※Silk screen printing is not performed on sample product.

Design file format

Total amount

※Price does not include special attachment parts costs.

Shipping days (Estimation) -

※Here is estimation of shipping date after the final design was decided. Normally, it takes 4 days from shipping date to be arrived. If you want hi-speed shipment, please contact us.

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Request for Quotation

In case you are not able to use automatic quotation as following reasons, please contact us and request for quotation. We will reply back to you within 1 business day.

  • Products other than coasters, phone charms and key chains.
  • Using more than 8 colors.
  • Using more than 1 rubber part.
  • Using multiple colors on silk screen printing.
  • Hi-speed shipment.
  • Preferring to receive written estimation sheet.

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