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How to order

To place your order, click the green colored "order" button at the upper right corner. And before you submit the order, please check the following confirmation items about artwork sending procedure.

Order flow



Place your order from Order form. In addition, please send artwork file via email.

Checking product image

Checking product image

After we receive your artwork, we will send product image & quotation by email. Then, please complete the payment.

Checking Pre-production samples

Checking Pre-production samples

We produce pre-production sample and send scanned sample via email for you to check it.



Please let us know if you wants to change colors, shape and so forth.

Mass production

Mass production

After your final product image is determined, it takes above production date.



Your products are delivered to your specified address by a courier company.


We accept credit cards payment via PayPal. If you want to use other payment methods, please contact us.

  • PayPal(Credit Card)

About data input

Please send complete data, and please read the below confirmation items.

  • Please send design files by Adobe Illustrator (Ver. 10.0 or later). If you use other software, please let us know in advance.
  • Send the design in actual size.
  • Convert all text to outlines.
  • For artwork data compression, please use common compression format as both Mac and Windows such as zip and lzh.
  • We are able to trace your design when you use other design software. Please send your characters or logos design file to us via email.
  • We may modify some parts of design that are too small to produce. When we did modification, we will let you know before we ask to confirm your order.
  • For color, you can specify by PANTONE.


Is base layer(bottom layer) color black only?
Though black or white is common base layer color, you can specify any other colors.

How can I specify layers?
After we recieve your artwork data, we assign colors to each layer to be looked natural. If you have a particular specification, please write it down on the artwork data.

Can I specify a hole place for phone charm cord and key rings?
Yes. In case there is no specification, we suggest it.

Is that possible to print serial number on back side of product?
Yes, we can. Fonts can be also specified.

What will be product packing?
Each product will be packed in a transparent plastic bag. Please let us know for enclosing flyers together.

Can I use gold, silver or transparent colors?
Yes. Although these colors are not perfect gold or silver, we can make approximate color by putting lame into paint. Transparent color is also available even it has not 100% transparency but looks like gummi candy. We can make higher transparency colors by mixing other colors. Please let us know when you want to specify these colors.

Can I specify color by number?
Yes. Please specify color number by PANTONE PLUS SERIES. Specifying color is more preferable because colors of design data look very different depend on displays.

Can you make custom rubber earphone chams?
Yes. Many colors and shapes of earphone jack adapters are available. Please feel free to contact us.

Can you support 3D or hemispherical shape design?
Depend on shape, please contact us.

How many layers maximum are possible to be produced?
Up to 3 layers. We will propose proper number of layer that depends on your design to look beautiful.